Different Types of Casino Bonuses: Comprehensive Guide

A question every casino player should always ask is about available bonuses on a gaming platform. This review explores different types of available bonuses on most casino websites to help you make the right decision when signing up.

Types of Casino Bonuses to look out for when joining a casino site

Over the years, gambling sites have continued to offer players the opportunity to play for free. It is also noteworthy that while casino bonuses, promotions, and offers have remained the same over the years, some casino sites do not reveal all their bonuses until a player signs-up and starts playing. Moreover, names of bonuses and offers may vary from site to site depending on location and purpose. The following are notable bonuses you will find in most casino gaming sites:

Welcome bonus

Deciding on which casino website to join is not always easy. However, a closer look at available welcome bonuses on different websites will help you make the right decision without further ado. A welcome bonus is also known as an initial/first deposit bonus, new player bonus, or a sign-up bonus. But regardless of the name, a notable aspect of this bonus is that it is often a matchup of your first deposit. A 100% welcome bonus is always the case.  A good example is ‘Join today and get a Mansion Casino welcome bonus of £100 or 100% matchup.’ It means after you sign up, you will have a total of £200 as a credit on your casino account.

mansion casino welcome offer

It is noteworthy that the percentage matchup of welcome bonuses is not always 100% on all casino websites. It could be higher, which means some sites offer a welcome bonus of up to 200% match up. Others offer a much less bonus match-up of say, 50%. The catch with higher offers is that they come with stricter terms and conditions than low offers. It is why, before accepting to sign up with a gaming site because they give a big welcome offer, go through their terms and conditions to get a clear picture of everything involved.

Deposit method bonus credit

Given the nature of online casinos, giving players a variety of banking options is the best thing to do. However, you should note that not all casinos would prefer their players to use some payment method even though it exists on their platform. It is here where a deposit method bonus comes into play. If you are a seasoned gambler, you must have noticed that some online casinos give bonus credits to players who deposit money using e-wallets or Bitcoin. Using any of such methods listed for the deposit bonus, therefore, earns a player extra credits with which to play.

Refer-a-friend bonus

Another popular bonus you will find in most online casinos is a refer-a-friend bonus offer. While the popularity of this bonus has declined over the years and consequently not available on most casinos, gaming sites use it to attract new players at no extra cost.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Another popular bonus you will find in online casinos is the no deposit bonus. The good thing about this bonus is that you get free account credits to use in testing a platform. Some online casinos give these offers with restrictions, only letting players play specific games. No deposit bonuses are sometimes restricted to new games introduced on a platform. Moreover, to prevent misuse of this bonus, most casinos place a high wagering requirement on it. For example, you could be required to deposit funds before using the free credits on any casino game.

Moreover, most casinos do not allow players to use any deposits bonuses on games that have low edges such as blackjack. You will also note that maximum winnings that come with no deposit bonus are also pegged at a certain amount of say, £50 when you place a wager using  £10 free no deposit site credits. Often, no depot bonus is separated from the main account balance in the cashier lobby. A high wagering requirement and maximum winnings as conditions that come to using this bonus help a casino prevent huge losses.

High roller bonuses

roulette game

Higher rollers are also known as VIPs. They are the players who deposit more money and play more casino games. With this comes the reward of high casino roller bonuses. It is also noteworthy that some casinos do not stop giving their VIP customers huge bonuses but also a chance to attend sporting events through free ticket offerings. For a high roller on any casino gaming site, a 100% bonus match up of up to £100 is not a very attractive offer.

Monthly casino bonus credits

Also known as reload bonuses, some casinos give their customers free playing credits at the start of every new month provided they deposit money into their gaming account. Some give it without the condition of depositing money, in which case, to keep their players engaged on a casino website at the beginning of every month. However, there are often conditions attached to monthly casino reload bonuses. It could depend on how much you have spent or won on a casino site or your level of activity. The catch here is that giving a monthly reload bonus to a player who is not active is not feasible.

Casino Free Spins

Another notable bonus available on most online casinos is ‘free spins.’ In recent years, more casinos have been giving free spins to both existing and new customers. Often, this offer is attached to available products on a gaming site. The catch with free spins is that there is a wagering requirement attached to them.  Whether it is bonus spins, extra spins, cash spins, or welcome spins, new players tend to be the lucky lot when it comes to free spins as casino bonus offers.  It is noteworthy that like welcome offers, the main aim of using free spins is to attract players to a gaming site.  Usually, free spins are attached to bonus credits. For example, the first deposit of £100 could earn up 30 free spins on a gaming site.

Casino Bonuses: What they mean for players and casino websites

Bonuses have become integral parts of casino gaming, just like they are on major sportsbooks or bookmarkers. But a question most gamblers fail to ask why bonuses are such a big deal on casino gaming sites. The truth is when it comes to bonuses, a question of whether to claim or not claim a player bonus is never debatable. Most gamblers look for websites that offer players some bonuses. The following reasons underscore why bonuses are important to customers of any gambling entity:

Marketing incentives for gaming sites

For casino websites, bonuses are important marketing incentives that play significance in attracting new customers or players. Without offering players a chance to take advantage of free credit, freerolls, or spins, it would be painstakingly difficult to make a gain from casino business. Given that governments often restrict who should join a casino, bonuses play significance in regulating gambling businesses.

Player incentives as leverage on wagering

Not every gambler is a big roller. The risks involved means most players cannot stake or place huge wagers on gambling sites. However, with free offers such as player bonuses, players can play confidently without fearing risks that come with it. On this premise, think about a gaming site that gives a cashback bonus on any risks player incur on selected games. It goes that apart from enabling low rollers have the confidence to wager on risky games, bonuses also cushion casino players against unprecedented losses that come with gambling.

FAQs about Casino bonuses and offers

With casino bonuses come several questions. For a novice looking to join a gaming site, asking important questions is paramount. The following are frequently asked questions about free bonuses and offers on casino websites:

Can you play and win without real money?

Well, while some casino websites make it look like you can play and win without real money, it is not always the case. To earn on any casino gaming site, you must create an account and deposit funds to play.

Can you play online casinos in restricted countries?

Yes, with a VPN, you can join a restricted casino website. However, there is very little you can do after joining. A VPN simply routes your IP to a country where a casino operates. You could, however, face difficulties when it comes to withdrawing winnings even if you succeed in depositing funds.

Why do casino houses always win?

The truth is that casino websites are designed to give the house more advantage over the player. It is how they make their profit. It means, as a player, your chances of winning are lower compared to the dealer.

Is Casino software rigged?

Well, it is impossible to cheat the player or the system. Gaming websites have a hack-proof system that makes it difficult to cheat your way to the big price. They are often regulated in this regard, to guard against cheating players. A random number generator on gaming sites gives gamblers a fair chance of winning.