Mansion Casino live dealer games: Blackjack, roulette and more

Online live casino dealer games give gamblers a chance to play from anywhere and anytime without having to visit a casino for firsthand experience. In this post, we review live dealer games on the Mansion Casino website.

Live Blackjack on Mansion Casino

To play live blackjack on Mansion Casino, log into your account and ensure it is funded then choose a game. You can play, say live unlimited blackjack, or live blackjack. The experience on the platform is very immersive. You can either split, double, stand or hit. However, the most important thing is picking a hand, preferably the highest because you want to take a chance against a dealer and earn more. Playtech is the software that providers blackjack and other live casino games on Mansion Casino. There are some unique games in this section that you would want to try playing. It is also noteworthy that the table limit for live black is £5000 but you can stake as low as £1. The RTP for live blackjack on Mansion Casino ranges between 99.40% and 99.87% percent. For players looking to take their live gaming on this platform to a greater height, the unlimited live blackjack is especially enticing. It features some perfect number pairings that everyone would be looking for to beat the dealer.

How to play Live Roulette on Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino live dealers

Live Roulette is also available on Mansion Casino. Before you can start playing, take note of the table limit for each Roulette game on the platform. The maximum limit for most games is £250 Do not forget to look at the Roulette lobby that features several winning numbers in the previous games to get a little inspiration. To play, place a color, single or multiple numbers bet. The live Roulette on this platform uses an old-styled zero wheel. Once you place your hand, pay close attention to the dealer who then spins the wheel. Wait for the wheel to settle to determine whether you have won or lost. Like with live blackjack, Playtech is the supplier of live Roulette on Mansion Casino. You should also note that for live Roulette, the RTP ranges between 94.70% on the lower side and 98.65% on the higher side. If you want to experience an even more thrilling live Roulette gaming, go for Double Roulette variant on Mansion Casino. It always feels like you are playing at two tables at a go and the experience can only get better. Those who love the French Roulette can also play it on this platform.

Play Live Baccarat on Mansion Casino

Live baccarat is also a popular game on Mansion Casino. As first-timers on this platform, the question we asked is if there is something unique about this game, especially when it comes to playing. Well, we noted that the procedure is the same. It is either you choose to back the player or a banker. A notable feature of live baccarat on this platform is that live streaming is seamless, offering gamblers uninterrupted gaming experience on high definition. Also, supplies by Playtech software. A unique feature with this game was a squeeze feature on the game, Mini-Baccarat.  There are up to 6 tables for baccarat players and a table limit of £1,500 is good enough. The minimum table limit for lie baccarat on Mansion Casino is £2.

Play Live Casino Hold’em on Mansion Casino

Casino live Hold’em is another popular game among gamblers who play at Mansion Casino. The table limits for this game range between £1 and £50. However, before you can start playing this game on Mansion Casino, you should note that the live dealer provides the game stats and lays down the cards. To play your hand, there are options from which choose with the most popular one being a fold bet. You always have a chance of winning real money if you pay close attention to the dealer.  However, to increase your chances of earning at this poker-styled live casino game, you should consider adding a side bet. Like with most games on Mansion casino, you will see a game preview before getting started, including the name of the table, dealer details, and wagering limits.  This game is provided by Playtech software.

Live French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the most popular live casino games on most gaming platforms. On Mansion Casino, it is a popular game selection for players looking to increase their chances on the table. However, we noted that that apart from applying standard rules reminiscent with most Roulette games, the French version comes with the option of extra bets for gamblers. With extra bets, you should be sure of getting some money back even when you lose to the dealer.  A notable feature with this game, also supplied by Playtech, is the high definition graphics that create a superior environment for the gambler.

To play the French Roulette, place your bet on the table. Add a stack on the one already existing in the betting area. With this game, the bets are labeled in French, which means, it can be a little tricky for non-French speakers.  There are up to 10 bets on the French Roulette and they include but not limited to street bet, split bet, four bets, dozen bet, line bet, and column bet. You can also choose a red bet, black bet, low, high, and the odds bet. If you do not want to lose everything you wager on the French Roulette live, go for La Partage rule if the ball stops at zero.

Guideline on signing up and receiving Mansion Casino Welcome bonus

mansion casino welcome bonus

We also wanted to find out how players can sign up or create an account at Mansion Casino to receive the welcome bonus. The following guideline should, therefore, help any player sign up and play live games on Mansion Casino:

  • Visit the Mansion Casino official website to start the process of signing up by locating the ‘join’ icon at the top right.
  • On the first page of the sign-up form, fill in details such as first name, last name, gender, date of birth, and email address.
  • Click next to go to page two where you should fill in details such as country, address, city, postal code, and telephone number.
  • Finally, on the last page on Mansion Casino sign up form, fill in your user name, choose a password, currency account, and finally paste or type the promo code if you have it.
  • The promo code actives your Mansion Casino welcome bonus which you can use to play the above live casino games. The condition is that you must deposit at least £20 in your account. Players stand a chance to get up to £5000 to use in a live casino.

FAQ about live casino games at Mansion Casino Online

When it comes to playing live casino games, there are several questions that gamblers always ask. Thus, before signing up to play on the platform, we asked the following questions:

What is live casino gaming?

A live casino provides gamblers with a chance to experience the thrill of real table games online. It combines streaming software, technology, and online players to make live gaming on the web feel real like land-based casinos.

Is it safe to play live casino games?

Yes, while there have been occasions when live casinos got rigged, gambling licensing, random number generators, and other features make live casinos generally safe and fair.

Can I get live support when playing live casino games?

Yes, most websites have enabled live chat for live casino players. All you need to do is type in your query in the live chat and a dealer will respond.

Are live casinos free?

There are a few live casinos that offer free gaming. However, a suggestion by most platforms that you can play for free is not always true. You must wager real money on live casinos.

Where do I find the best live casino website?

Many websites offer live casino gaming experience. If you are just starting, you should reviews online before deciding on the best live gaming platform with a higher RTP.

Which games are popular in online live casinos?

Popular games on live casinos include but not limited to live blackjack, live roulette, Hold’em, and live video poker, live Hi-Lo, and Live Baccarat.

Do live dealers see players?

No, live dealers cannot see players. They can only respond to queries submitted via live chat.

Is there a specific language to use on live casinos?

No. While the main languages are English and Spanish, you can use any language depending on the location of the gaming platform. The use of online translators has eliminated language barriers.

Who streams live casino games and from where?

Well, streaming of live casino games is software-driven. It depends on the software supplier. It could be Evolution, Playtech, Microgaming, or any other.

Are there live casino player bonuses?

Yes, apart from welcome bonuses that players can use on live casinos, some gaming sites offer players bonuses specific to live casinos.