What Is RTP And How Does It Work? Online Casino Explained

If you are a seasoned casino player, especially on the web, you must have come across the term RTP. RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player and in this post; we explore what it means to online gamblers, even to gaming sites.

Defining RTP: What It Means to Casino Operators and Players

When it comes to choosing a casino gaming site, the temptation to jump straight into signing up, uploading funds, and playing a favorite slot machine game or roulette is always high. However, for a gambler who is keen on earning from a casino wager, digging deeper to learn more about factors that contribute to one’s chances of hitting more slots, blackjacks, or roulettes in a row is paramount. On this premise, you must have come across a term like RTP. Take, for example, RTP (return to player) on Mansion Casino slots that stand at 97%, the catch with this abbreviation is that it always denotes one’s chances of earning from a wager.

RTP on a casino website is always expressed as a percentage because it involves the amount wagered on a specific game against the amount a gaming company pays players. Usually, the RTP calculation takes place over some duration and can also be expressed as the flipside of a casino house edge. A house edge is a mathematical expression of the advantage a casino platform has in situation. A typical example of how RTP is expressed is to place a £5 on a slot game and earn £100. In this case, the lucky winner has x20 fold in revenue/earnings. However, since casinos calculate RTP in the long run, most values of leading gaming platforms range between 95% and 97%. It means that for every wager a gambler places on a game, there is a return of up to 97%.

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Calculation of RTP: How to Do It

Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a novice, knowing how to calculate RTP will give you an edge when it comes to wagering on any casino game. The truth is that the formula for RTP is pretty straightforward, save for a return on slots that do not always reflect expected win. The basic formula is dividing the returns to players by the total amount of wagers gamblers have placed on a game.  With games like blackjack, calculating RTP is pretty straightforward. It is because as opposed to slots that may pay considerably more but less often, blackjack winnings are easy to predict. Usually, jackpot players know they stand a chance to winning at least half of their stakes.

In the end, the values of RTP often range between 93% and 99%. The following is a summary of the RTP overview for three of the most popular casino games:

  • The average RTP for American Roulette is usually 94.7 on most gambling sites.
  • The average RTP for slots on leading casino websites is 93.99%. It means that websites that pay more are better.
  • RTP average for European Roulette 97.3%.

However, calculating RTP for other casino games is always tricky. It is because different players employ varying gaming strategies. Take for example Craps, the RTP can move drastically from worse to excellent or vice versa. Moreover, for blackjack, players can employ different skills, which explains why the player edge is always smaller than that of a casino house.  It also means, with a good playing strategy, casino players can get up to 99% percent strategy. A poor strategy will see your RTP fall exponentially way below 80%.

Application of RTP: What Casino Houses Do

Now, with the above information on how casino houses calculate RTP, the next question is how do they apply it? First off, let’s state that for every online casino, RTP is the lifeline of profiteering. Any gaming site that gets it wrong with Return to Player is always bound to give more edge to a player, which should not be the case. Usually, casino houses are designed to favor the dealer and not the player. You could compare it to the percentage of odds that sportsbook use to calculate their winning edge. However, RTP presents a simplified approach to the calculation.

Given that different online casinos are complex in their way, you will often notice that RTP varies from one gaming platform to another. Most importantly, the calculation of RTP is the basis upon which casino websites or housed claim licensing, certification, verification, and regulation. They must demonstrate that in much as the house always has a higher earning edge, gamblers to stand a chance of winning if they employ different playing strategies. Thus, for casino websites, calculating RTP Roulette that has a specific number of wheels is easy depending on whether the wheel has one or two zeros.

RTP: What to Expect When Playing Online

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When it comes to playing casino games online, one of the factors players must consider is the variation of RTP from one game to another. For example, blackjack has several variants on different gaming sites. For example, on one site, you will find Surrender blackjack and Pontoon blackjack while on another casino gaming site, you could find a blackjack variant like Hi-Lo and Switch. With this, a player’s skill is an important consideration to make when calculating RTP.  The value of classic blackjack is often 99.4%.  However, even the poorest gaming strategy; blackjack RTP for any variant hardly falls below 96%. The catch here is that blackjacks are always easy to play.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about casino RTP

For someone learning about a return to play or RTP for the first time, you must be having a lot of questions racing through your mind. In this section, we sample some of the questions gamblers ask about this subject.

Where Can I find RTP on gaming sites?

To locate Return to Player (RTP) on a casino gaming site, you should navigate to the gaming rule lobby. It may, however, defer depending on the design of a site. The fact that it is mostly found on the gaming rule section is because RTP is in line with the requirements of a gambling authority that certifies and gives a casino house operating license.

Does RTP always reflect the amount a gambler should expect to earn from a casino website?

Well, it is not always the case. For example, while 97% RTP on Mansion Casino; it is only an estimation of expected winnings.  Most casino houses calculate RTP over time depending on the wagered amount hence make it quite tricky to be exact on 97% as your chances of winning.

Is RTP in anyway interfering with fairness that gamblers should expect on a casino website?

RTP does not negatively affect fairness on a gaming site. Instead, it promotes player chances of winning based on a random number generation. You should not that casino houses must provide their RTP percentage to gambling commissions in the respective countries in which they operate to qualify for a license and certification.

Is there a relation between RTP and a casino house edge?

Yes, there is a strong correlation between RPT and a gaming house edge. If, for example, Return to Player on Casino house X is 94%, it means the house edge is 6.

Why did I lose my wager despite playing on a casino platform with a high RTP?

Well, while most people tend to think RTP expresses an estimated chance of winning, it is not always the case. The catch with RTP in gambling sites is that it does not represent the chance of a specific player. Rather, it is a calculation of wagers placed on the selected game over time by different gamblers. The fact that RPT calculation does not represent one player or a specific gaming session, therefore, means that you cannot use it to project your chance earning from a casino wager.

What does RTP stand for and what does it mean?

RTP stands for Return to a player. It is an expression of percentage wagers that return a specified value as winnings. Most casino houses calculate RTP based on the cumulative wagers gamblers have placed over time, say; a week or a month. Gamblers should, however, not expect the same returns when placing their stake since the value is never an expression of an individual player or a single session.  You can also refer to RTP as the flipside of a casino house edge.

Final View of Return to Player (RTP)

Taking all the above discussions on RTP, it is noteworthy that every casino house must have its unique value. Without it, it would be difficult to calculate betting or staking values. If you visit websites of the most popular casino houses such as Mansion Casino, Genting Bet Casino, Paddy Power, Bet365, and many others, you will often note that the RTP value for different products/games is featured prominently.

For a player, you should find a casino house that offers the highest possible RTP. It does not only increase your chances of earning from your wager but also an indication of earning more in the future. However, sometimes you may have to narrow down to specific games on a casino site because some come with a higher RTP instead of comparing gaming sites.