Top Classic Casino Games And How Do They Work

For decades, casino gaming has evolved to include some of the most mind-bogging games ever invented. Still, a walk down the memory lane to  reminisce the old classic games that many still love playing today on casino websites is the reason you should keep reading this post.

Classic Casino Slots

Casino slots remain the most popular games of all time.  While you can still walk into a land-based casino house to play these games, it is also noteworthy that there are hundreds of online casinos that feature classic slots. Old is gold, and for a slot machine game that is reminiscent of the old one-armed bandits, you wouldn’t ask for more. As opposed to new slots additions in leading casino websites, classic slots usually have fruit symbols, bonus games, and three reels. You would probably find most of these games in a city like Las Vegas where casino gaming traces its maiden story.

For an avid gambler who has always loved playing slots, it is agreeable that without classic slots, today’s flashy versions of the game would be non-existent. But all the same here is a quick look at some of the most popular classic slots:

  • Wild diamonds
  • Lucky fruits
  • Magic forests

There are a host of other classic slots worth mention such as Wild West slots, Cash machine, Olympia, fruit spin, and booming bananas.

How do classic slots work?

With the quick preview of classic slots, the next question would be, how do they work? Well, let’s start by exploring Wild diamonds.

Wild Diamonds

As the name suggests, the game features diamond wilds, which can replace all the gaming symbols, except the scatter. The catch with this game is that is a gambler gets the multiplier; you multiply it by 7, which is the maximum value. Or, another way to win is when you end up with three scatter symbols that trigger free spins.

Lucky Fruits

Lucky Fruits is an old classic casino game that you would love to play any day. While the interface looks simple, most gamblers who love this game report a delightful gaming experience. It features a few bonus features but still very entertaining.

Magic Forest

Magic Forest is a classic slot you would want to play out of curiosity. The game features a tree background, uniforms, and fruits. There are five reels in this game, all of which are transparent. Together with 20 paylines, a player is introduced to a fantasy wild, your work is to place a bet then spin the reels. You can either go for an automatic spin using the auto-play or place a max bet to set everything in motion.

Classic Casino Roulette

Roulette is no doubt one of the oldest casino games. The fact that it has undergone modifications to become one of the most sought-after casino games in leading gambling site should not mean we forget about the good old days. Roulette traces its origin in France, hence the name, French Roulette, arguably one of the oldest casino roulette games. Then American Roulette followed, marking the advent of various versions of modern Roulette games. But let’s take a walk down the memory lane and explore some of the oldest games in this category and how they work. They include the French Roulette, the American Roulette, and the European Roulette.

How Classic Roulette games work

Today, roulette games have a variety of features, some beyond the popular 36 numbers. For someone who would like to understand this game, a look at how the oldest game varieties work is, therefore, paramount.

The French Roulette

The French roulette wheel has only one zero but the most important feature for any player is La Partage rule, loosely translated as ‘the shared’ rule. To understand how the rule works, consider a gambler who places an ‘evens’ or ‘odds’ bet then spins the wheel. If the ball lands on the only zero value on the wheel, the player gets a cashback that equals half the stake.  While this sounds very little, it always reduced the edge of a casino house. Most casinos that have a French roulette in their mix always lose an edge by an estimated 1.35 % every time a player spins the wheel and the ball ends on the zero value.  For a gambler looking to play the French roulette for the first time, you should not that there is no rule for earning big from your stake.  You should bet an amount you are ready to lose but most preferably, start small because the random nature of the game could see you lose your stake quite often. Most importantly, you should aim at the evens or odds, at least to stay longer in the game even if it does not sound like a win. It is better than losing everything.

The European Roulette

When it comes to playing the European Roulette, a gambler has to guess between 0 and 36 or go for a color bet, in which case, you choose either red or black. Once you have a guess, spin the wheel and watch where the ball lands. Like the French Roulette, the classic European version has only one zero. A casino house that has this game usually has an edge of about 2.7%

The American Roulette

Another classic Roulette game is the American Roulette. Unlike the French and European versions, this game has two zeros. There are, however, not meaningful differences when it comes to playing this classic game. All you need to do is choose a value on which you want to place a wager then choose a number on the wheel.  With the American Roulette, notable features are the supersize wheel and slots. There are up to 38 slots in this game, in which case, you can place a bet where the ball would land on any of them. It means, there is one hole more compared to the European and French classic Roulette. The double zero on the American Roulette gives the house more advantage by an estimated 5.27%.  The layout of the wheel is also different from the first two classic roulette games. There is also a side bet represented by a group of numbers, otherwise known as pattern bets in the French and European versions.

The Classic BlackJack and how it works

There is almost a 100% chance that you will find several versions of a blackjack game in leading online casinos like Mansion Casino. But here is the catch. Have you ever thought about going for the old version of the game instead of always sticking to modern variants with fancy interfaces and sounds? We are talking about the Classic Blackjack, ostensibly, a traditional variant of the game. You will find it in both online casino gaming platforms and land-based casino houses.

For someone looking to play the classic blackjack or simply put, blackjack, the first step is to know how it works. It is always about mastering the rules of the game. For an avid card player, finding your way around with the deck of cards on the classic blackjack would be pretty easy. The game is pretty simple and straightforward. For starters, playing classic blackjack is all about creating a hand value that gives you an edge over the dealer. It could be 21 or closer to it.  Cards labeled Kings, jacks, and queens count as 10, number cards have a value between 2 and 10, and Aces could either be 1 or 11. Both the dealer and a player get two cards at the start of the game. For the dealer, only one card has facing up while all cards of a player face up.

Apart from the game arrangement in classic blackjack, another rule worth noting the number of decks. The classic blackjack has only one deck, unlike modern variants which give players more wagering options.  Another rule is how the dealer should play by either hitting soft 16 or 17 using soft hand, also known as Ace card valued 1 or 10. Other rules that guide both the player and the dealer in the classic blackjack are splitting, doubling, insurance, surrender, and occurrence of a natural blackjack.

Final Review and Opinion on Top Classic Casino Games

For a casino player, old is always gold, especially when it comes to playing classic games. While slots always the bigger share regarding variations of classic tables, blackjack and roulette are equally competitive. Most importantly, these games marked the evolution of casino houses as we know them today. With modern modifications, it is noteworthy that gaming developers have played a major role in making casino tables look even more realistic. Moreover, while you would have an immersive experience playing modern casino games, taking a walk down the memory lane to learn more about classic games is always a great idea. The games are easy hence easy to learn. The rules are easy to master and for a casino gambler who always wants to try something different, classic games will always give you more ways to earn from your wager.